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Collection 2003-2009

A short, polyphonic, lydian piece for three voices over a drone. I wrote it when I was listening to a lot of Leonin and Perotin. As the piece itself is too short, it has only ever been used as an ornamental final section of another, monophonic, vocal piece, hence the historicising title. The 'substitute clausula' was therefore a polyphonic alternative to the last bar of the monophonic piece.

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Slow Speed:

Melody in C

Slow Speed:

Melody in D

Slow Speed:

Melody in E

Slow Speed:

Melody in EB

Slow Speed:

Melody in F

Slow Speed:

Melody in G

Slow Speed:

Melody in A

Slow Speed:

Melody in BB

Slow Speed:

Melody in B


The composition itself, notation and layout, the computer generated sound examples and all PDF files belonging to this musical piece are released under the following license.

Creative Commons Attribution: CC-By

CC attribution is provided by specifying the composer: Hilbricht, Nils, if it is a ""permanent"" publication, e.g. program booklets, sheet music editions, CD cover/track list, accompanying text of an Internet video etc.. The name does not have to be mentioned for announcements on stage etc.


Nils Hilbricht
c/o RA Matutis
Berliner Straße 57
14467 Potsdam

Email: nils@hilbricht.net
Tel: 0221 98657450

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