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Collection 2003-2009

A very fast pentatonic melody with a drone, in which great importance should be given to the drum accompaniment; offbeat accentuation is a good idea. The fast 32nd notes can also be considered as grace notes. There is of course nothing medieval about this melody.

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Slow Speed:

Melody in C

Slow Speed:

Melody in D

Slow Speed:

Melody in E

Slow Speed:

Melody in EB

Slow Speed:

Melody in F

Slow Speed:

Melody in G

Slow Speed:

Melody in A

Slow Speed:

Melody in BB

Slow Speed:

Melody in B


The composition itself, notation and layout, the computer generated sound examples and all PDF files belonging to this musical piece are released under the following license.

Creative Commons Attribution: CC-By

CC attribution is provided by specifying the composer: Hilbricht, Nils, if it is a ""permanent"" publication, e.g. program booklets, sheet music editions, CD cover/track list, accompanying text of an Internet video etc.. The name does not have to be mentioned for announcements on stage etc.


Nils Hilbricht
c/o RA Matutis
Berliner Straße 57
14467 Potsdam

Email: nils@hilbricht.net
Tel: 0221 98657450

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